Impact Our World!

Benefits of Hosting

The benefits of hosting a USA Program intl. student include:

  • Creating a bond of friendship for life with the USA Program intl. student
  • Expressing love and concern toward the USA Program intl. student on a daily basis
  • Learning about a new & different culture from the USA Program intl. students: language, customs, food
  • Welcoming a new family member into the home to share life experiences
  • Sharing generosity, values, and beliefs to positively influence the USA Program intl. student's life
  • Making a dream come true for the USA Program intl. student to learn & live in the United States
  • Enjoying fun activities, such as sports & community outings with the USA Program intl. student
  • Teaching the American culture, lifestyle, and language with the intl. student
  • Experiencing the wonderful rewards of volunteering to help expand global unity by hosting the USA Program intl. student
  • Helping to prepare the youth of today to take part in the world of tomorrow
  • Hosting will not present a financial burden or hardship because a monthly stipend will be received by the host family in order to help cover extra home expenses