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Cultural Orientation

The Cultural Orientation classes are held every morning, Monday through Friday, for two hours each day. The purpose of this class is for the intl. students to get acquainted with the long journey that they will encounter in the United States. It is important for them to realize what they will go through and understand what should be done in order to be successful.

USA Program provides all intl. students with a backpack that contains all materials necessary for their weeklong orientation/preparation courses, from pens, notebooks, and calculators to booklets and manuals.

The five "Student Manuals" and the orientation course cover the following topics:

  • Communication & Language
  • US School System
  • How to Study booklet
  • How to Get Along at School booklet
  • Starting High School booklet
  • American Community
  • Host Family Adaptation
  • How to Get Along at Home booklet
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Rules and Program Information

All materials supplied to the intl. students for use during the orientation are to help equip and prepare them for a successful transition into their new American experience. Please see the weeklong schedule that we provide to our intl. students. (see Metroplex/ schedule tab)

  1. Monday Class: Communication & Language

    We will be teaching about the English language. We will be talking about why we speak English in the United States, the importance of the English language in the world, and how to improve vocabulary. Also, we will be talking about the importance of communication with others. We will utilize the USA Program Communication & Language manual and provide the intl. students with an American Dictionary and Thesaurus.

    Additionally, USA Program designed a Student Journal & Planner for our intl. students to use throughout the year while in the United States. It contains: USA Program's Visions and Goals, Standard of Conduct Agreement, Intl. Student's Goals, Daily Principles, Abraham Lincoln (a hero and an inspiration), What is the Dash?, Frame of Mind, Service Projects, Repetition, Beliefs and Behavior, Check your Destination, The Circle of Life, and Reflection. The Student Journal/Planner also contains important facts, charts, maps, and information helpful and useful for school studies.

  2. Tuesday Class: American Community & Cultural Adjustment

    In this class, we will teach about how the United States of America became a world leader and the difficult beginnings it faced and overcame. We will be guiding the intl. students with our USA Program Cultural Adjustment manual and the Metroplex Magazine, which will help them to understand the local culture, people, and community.

  3. Wednesday Class: American Host Family

    The purpose of this class is to prepare the intl. students for and increase their understanding about living with the host family. Subjects that we will cover are: house rules, chores, curfew, host parents, host siblings, participation, love, and respect. The host home offers a family atmosphere where the intl. students will grow, learn, and appreciate. The USA Program will provide the intl. students a booklet about "Getting Along at Home".

  4. Thursday Class: U.S. School System

    This class will explain to the intl. students about the U.S. school system and what they can expect to encounter throughout the school year. Topics will include: academic year timeline, guidance counselors, lockers, grade levels, grades, sports, lunch, books, uniform requirements, school activities, etc.

    This class will enable the intl. students to be better prepared for all aspects of the American school experience before they arrive to begin classes at their new private school. Advance knowledge about the school system will give the intl. student a huge leg up on their classes, studies, and school habits. USA Program will provide the intl. students with three additional booklets that will help further expand their knowledge about school and study habits. The booklets are: "Study Skills", "Starting High School", and "Getting along at School".

  5. Friday Class: Program Rules and Regulations

    This important class will bring about a conclusion to the weeklong orientation classroom meetings. The topics in this class will include: Health and Life insurance policy, USA Program/High School/Host Family Rules and Regulations, Probation, Holidays, Second Host Families, Early Returns, Emergency Procedures and Contacts, and USA Program Final Words/Testimony.

    USA Program will provide all intl. students with a USA Program T-shirt to wear to the airport the next day where they will meet their host families and Local Representatives. We will also give detailed instructions regarding their departure times from the hotel and flight schedules. USA Program Directors/Staff will accompany each intl. student to the airport check in desk and personally assist in obtaining their boarding passes/luggage claims. Each intl. student is instructed to contact USA Program via our toll free telephone number as soon as they arrive safely to their host home.