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Directors / Staff

The USA Program is governed by a professional and experienced Board of Directors. USA Program's Board of Directors forms the core of the organization and is composed of members who are experienced in the international field of education and youth. The Board regularly meets to make decisions for the benefit of all participants in the entire organization. USA Program's Board of Directors designates, regulates, and guides the direction of the USA Program in order to fulfill our mission statement, goals, and objectives.

USA Program is made up of a highly qualified staff whose goal is to serve everyone participating in our program with the utmost in quality and excellence. A description of the staff follows:

Executive Director: Responsible for overall operation of USA Program; Recruits, hires, and trains Home Country Representatives; Grants final approval for international students; Responsible for overseeing and conducting all international students arrival preparation and orientation meetings; Responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and conducting the student placement, provides ongoing assistance and support to all program participants. Selects and approves host families, Matches international students with appropriate host families; Evaluates students' performance on a monthly basis; Assists intl. students and host families with concerns.

Program Development Director: Responsible for marketing and developing the growth and direction of USA Program domestically; Recruits, hires and trains Local Representatives/ Coordinators; specializes in cultural adjustment and supplies ongoing support and assistance to Local Representatives/Coordinator;

Administrative Director: Corporate office administrator; Oversees office duties; Assists in placement process of students; Communicates with schools, host families, and USA Representatives; Maintains all school, host family, and intl. student records; Reports to Home Country Representatives and to natural families.

Assistant Director: Assists the Executive and the Administrative Directors at the USA Program corporate office in Texas; Responsible for maintaining all school, host family, and intl. student records; composes USA Program's Monthly Newsletters and mail-outs.

Home Country Representative: Responsible for screening, selecting, and coordinating all international students in their home country; provides pre-departure information and assistance to intl. students and the natural families.

Local Representative Coordinator: Hires, trains, and supervises Local Representatives in a specific geographical region of the U.S.

Local Representative: Serves as the local personal contact between each intl. student and USA Program upon arrival to the United States; responsible for maintaining monthly contact with intl. students, host families, and schools in his local area of placement; responsible for monthly evaluation of intl. students.