Enjoy the Fun of Learning!

Educational Preparation

The Educational Preparation classes are held every morning, Monday through Friday, for two hours each day. The primary concentration of the preparatory course is to improve communication skills, grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation, reading, and writing skills. A variety of topics are covered that provide ample opportunities to practice these important English language skills on a daily basis.

Some of the grammar topics of study include:

  • possessive adjectives
  • plurals
  • present continuous
  • present tense
  • questions and short answers
  • regular and irregular verbs
  • time expressions
  • ordinal and cardinal numbers
  • prepositions/ adverbs of time
  • past tense

Intl. students will also participate in daily cross-cultural activities and local tours of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. This will provide the intl. students with additional opportunities to practice and learn the English language in a relaxed atmosphere. American tour guides will offer a continuation of the English course by speaking with and explaining the significance of each site.

The tours and activities concentrate in the following areas:

  • Educational
  • Cultural
  • Historical
  • Recreational