Stepping Into the Future!

Host Family Match

Adapting to a new culture and a different lifestyle will bring about certain obstacles that each host family and intl. student must overcome. USA Program gives precise consideration to the individuality of each intl. student's personality, background, and lifestyle in comparison to that of the host family for a higher probability of successful adaptation.

Each intl. student completes the Student Matching Guidelines form which contains certain information regarding likes, dislikes, preferences regarding private schools, host parents, host siblings, host community (locations), and some personal general information that is taken into consideration when deciding on the appropriate host family.

USA Program takes great pride in how we introduce our intl. students to the private school of their choice and to the prospective host families. This introduction is made with the use of our creative "Student Portfoli". The Student Portfolio is a tool that USA Program uses to determine our intl. students' current standing in 4 areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Academic Progress
  • Cultural Understanding

The USA Program Student Portfolio was designed to measure the intl. student's growth while living and studying in the United States.

USA Program provides an opportunity for each of our intl. students to grow and develop in four specific areas that result in lifelong benefits. The areas of growth and the forms below show how we put the USA Program Student Portfolio together:

Personal Development
  • Student General Information
  • Health Record
Communication Skills
  • English Evaluation
  • Standard of Conduct Agreement
Academic Progress
  • Transcripts of Grades (Last 3 Years)
  • Teacher Recommendation Letter
Cultural Understanding
  • Student's Cultural Perspective
  • Student's & Parents' Letter
  • Family photo Album