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To facilitate the intl. student placement process, USA Program prefers for the intl. student/ natural parents to think about the most important aspects of the U.S. private school experience for them:

  1. Region or State
  2. School tuition amount
  3. School size
  4. School curriculum/programs (AP courses, sports, language, etc)
  5. Percentage of graduates accepted into Universities

USA Program would like to offer our professional suggestion regarding the best suited private school in the U.S. for the intl. student to attend. For example, if the intl. student would like to go to a particular region/state, spend no more than US$15,000.00, and attend a private school with a good AP program, etc., USA Program will recommend the 3 most well-suited schools for the intl. student to choose from where we have available prospective Host Families. With that in mind, the intl. student should seriously consider our suggestions when making their decision about which school to attend.

It is important that we have the prospective intl. student’s full USA Program Application Package in our main office in Texas in order to facilitate the presentation of the intl. student for consideration/acceptance to the recommended private schools. Approaching the process in this manner is the fastest and most efficient way to ensure that the intl. student will receive the educational and cultural experience that he/she desires.

If the intl. student chooses a specific school that he/she would like to attend, USA Program must provide the following to the school officials:

  1. Intl. Student's General Information (name, age, etc.)
  2. Intl. Student's grade level (Transcript of Grades)
  3. Nationality
  4. English proficiency (SLEP Test or TOEFL Score)
  5. Religious affiliation
  6. School Deadline Consideration (still open or not)
  7. School Application Forms (specific required documents from the school for acceptance)
  8. School Application/Processing/Registration Fees (need to be paid up front)

After USA Program provides the private school with the above-mentioned information, the school official will inform us if a particular grade level is open for a particular intl. student of a particular age, nationality, English proficiency, religious affiliation, etc. For example, a private school may have some openings, but the particular intl. student who chooses that private school may not meet the age, and/or nationality, and/or English level and/or Religious affiliation and/or etc. requirement for acceptance. Remember, there are many factors involved in determining eligibility for acceptance of each intl. student.

Although USA Program accepts intl. student applications on a rolling basis, we begin intl. student placements with the day private schools in March for the following Fall (academic year) and in October for the following Spring (calendar year).