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USA Program’s Pledge

Below is the USA Program’s Pledge with specific information regarding each topic:

School Placement

  • To facilitate the placement process, USA Program prefers for the intl. student/ natural parents to choose a preferred region/state/private day school.
  • USA Program will recommend to the intl. student/natural parents names of private schools in the specific area of their choice along with the schools’ general information, or USA Program would be delighted to work on securing the intl. student’s placement at any specific school of their choice.
  • Intl. students/natural parents will participate in all decisions of school placement, and they will make the final decision regarding which private day school the intl. student will attend.
  • When the intl. student/nat. parents choose a particular private school, USA Program will begin the process of the intl. student’s acceptance at the private school and finalize the enrollment (obtain the I-20 form). USA Program will follow the private school’s guidelines for acceptance of intl. students. NOTE: The U.S. private school has a right to accept or deny any prospective international student at their discretion. If that happens, we will inform the intl. student/natural family and refer other schools to them to choose from.

The best and fastest way for the USA Program to accomplish efficient school placement is for the intl. students/natural parents to carefully consider our advice and recommendations regarding the private schools that we know will readily accept the intl. student and that best fits their criteria, desires, and requirements as reflected in the USA Application Package ("Student Match Guidelines" form). However, we will place the intl. students in specifically desired schools of their choice.

The school placement process usually takes three to ten working days from the time that USA Program's Headquarter Office in Texas receives the complete USA Application Package from the prospective international students and the USA Program fee. That gives enough time for the private day school of the intl. student’s choice to review, consider, and approve or deny acceptance. In some cases, the school requests additional information, paperwork, documentation, fees, etc. Then they must ensure that all guidelines are met and will inform us of any additional pertinent requirements, such as payment and signing the I-20 form.

Host Family Placement

  • USA Program will secure a stable Christian host family for the intl. student close to the approved private day school.
  • USA Program will make all necessary efforts to locate and secure a host family in a timely manner; however, we must always wait for a third party (the prospective host family) to make a commitment in hosting our intl. students. Therefore, delays in placements may occur beyond the control of USA Program. In this case, we must consider alternative solutions. USA Program offers two solutions for the natural parents to choose from in case there is a delay in placement:
    1. If the natural parents are confident in relying on our service to accommodate the intl. student, we recommend that the intl. student comes to participate in the weeklong Orientation Meeting as a group in Texas. During the weeklong orientation, USA Program will either secure a commitment from the prospective host family or arrange for a temporary host family in order for the intl. student to travel to his/her host city and begin school classes as scheduled.
    2. If the natural parents prefer not to send the intl. student to USA’s weeklong Orientation Meeting prior to obtaining information regarding a secured host family, USA Program will offer choices of alternative schools of equal caliber where USA Program has host families available who are committed to hosting. On average, once the intl. student’s enrollment is secured at the private day school of his/her choice, the process of acquiring, approving, and securing a host family takes 2 - 6 weeks. This process can take less or more time than we prefer. The timeframe for the process of securing a host family is difficult to predict because we must wait for families to make a final decision and commitment to host our intl. student. USA Program does not rush or pressure a prospective host family to make the commitment to host. Prior to their home country departure, the intl. students/natural parents will receive a USA Program Host Family Portfolio. Depending on the placement timeframe and the time that it takes for the host family to send their information to USA Program’s office in Texas, the intl. students/natural parents will either receive this Host Family Portfolio by mail (through the Home Country Rep, if applicable) or electronically (e-mail). The Host Family Portfolio includes the following:
  • Welcome Letter from the Executive Director describing the weeklong Orientation Meeting and schedule
  • Host Family Application Form (6 pages)
  • Placement Report – including reference form
  • Host Family Welcome Letters and Pictures
  • Host Community Information

Support and Assistance

  • The USA Program Executive Director is available 24 hours via several toll free numbers.
  • USA’s Local Representatives are available for immediate and personal contact for our intl. students.
  • USA Program mails monthly Evaluation Reports to all intl. students, host families, and Local Representatives to find out how the students are adjusting culturally and educationally in their host homes, schools, and communities.
  • As soon as these forms have been received back at USA Program’s office, we will immediately send them to our Home Country Representative for the natural parents to review.

USA Program’s Executive Director will make all final determinations regarding any issues that may arise for the intl. student’s best interest.

Refund Policy

  • Participants may cancel up to 7 (seven) days after signing the USA Program contract, which is presented to them in the preliminary application process, for a full refund of the total USA Program fees paid, minus the application fee.
  • Participants who cancel or are denied an F-1 Visa by the U.S. Embassy or Consulate after having been accepted into the USA Program will receive a refund of the program fees paid minus US$ 2,000.00 (two thousand dollars) for USA Program’s school enrollment process.
  • Participants who cancel after USA Program’s approval and placement with a private day school will receive a refund of the program fees paid minus US$ 3,000.00 (three thousand dollars).
  • No refunds are given to intl. students/natural parents who cancel within six weeks or less prior to departure from their home country.
  • Intl. students who do not adhere to the rules, standards, and instructions set forth by USA Program’s handbooks, manual, probation, and/or elsewhere, may be sent home at their own expense with no refund of fees.