Tomorrow Begins Today!


As a sponsor of the intl. student through our private middle/high school program, the USA Program is committed to serving and assisting everyone involved in our educational and cultural program with the utmost in excellence and integrity. The USA Program fee includes all of the services that we provide, and each of our international students will receive full services. The USA Program services are not optional (a la carte).

The responsibilities of USA Program's directors and staff are taken very seriously and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing the intl. student with the I-20 form from the private school of their choice for the international student F-1 visa
  • Conducting one-week Cultural Orientation & Educational Preparation classes upon the intl. students' arrival in the United States (DFW - Texas).
  • Providing each intl. student with health, hospitalization and accidental death insurance coverage up to US$ 250,000.00 (US$100.00 deductible).
  • Local and Home Country Representative training and support
  • Host family selection, preparation, orientation and assistance
  • Providing a stable living (host family home) and academic environment (private school) for each intl. student
  • Assisting and maintaining regular contact with all Local Reps, Intl. Students, Private Day Schools, Host Families and Home Country Reps.
  • 24 hour telphone assistance via a toll-free number in the U.S.
  • University level preparation for high school Juniors (11th grade) and Seniors (12th grade)
  • Promptly addressing any expressed concerns from the host families or intl. students through the appropriate staff members
  • Monthly newsletters and evaluation reports to the intl. students/host families and local representative
  • Maintaining regular contact with all natural families through our Home Country Representatives via monthly reports (upon receipt from intl. students/hosts/reps/schools)
  • Insure validation of the transcript of grades from the U.S. private school for continued studies in the home country or in the U.S. University.

USA Program is not responsible for:

  • Intl. students' personal belongings, including: money, luggage, passports, and any other personal possessions.
  • Loaning money to or managing financial arrangements and/or obligations of the intl. students.
  • Making any travel arrangements on behalf of the intl. students other than those to and from the home countries and/or host cities.
  • Finding an alternative host family for any intl. student unless deemed necessary by the appropriate USA representative and where incompatibility is not caused by the intl. student.