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Int. Student Insurance

The intl. students are provided with full medical coverage while they are a part of our program. They are covered up to US$ 250,000.00 with a US$ 100.00 co-pay and 100% prescription coverage. The medical and hospitalization insurance does not cover health exams, immunizations, pre-existing conditions, or routine dental procedures. All required processing fees and advanced payments to any medical facility should be made by the intl. student.

Summary of coverage:

Maximum Limit$250,000
Deductible $100 Per injury or illness
Additional $250 Deductible for non-admitted treatment of an illness in the ER.
Co-Insurance The company will pay 100% of Usual Reasonable and Customary (URC) for Eligible Medical Expenses, after the deductible
Hospital Room & Board Up to the Average Semi-private room Rate, including nursing service
Intensive Care Unit Usual Reasonable and Customary
Physical Therapy Usual Reasonable and Customary: Outpatient Benefits are limited to 1 visit per day
Physicians Visits Usual Reasonable and Customary: Benefits are limited to 1 visit per day, not applicable to Surgery
Eligible Medical Expenses Usual Reasonable And Customary
Student Health Center $5 Co-pay per visit
Dental Treatment Relief of sudden and unexpected pain to sound, natural teeth, including but not limited to fillings: Up to $300 Maximum
Injury: Up to $500 per Accident maximum, including fractures
Emergency Medical Evacuation Expenses Up to $50,000 life time maximum Limit. Must be approved in advance and coordinated by the Company. Includes Return Home Benefit
Emergency Reunion Up to $15,000 lifetime maximum Limit. Must be approved in advance and coordinated by the Company.
Return of Mortal Remains Up to $25,000. Must be approved by the Company
Political Evacuation Up to $10,000
Accidental Death And Dismemberment For Accidental Death $25,000: for Dismemberment Scheduled amounts
Interscholastic SportsOrganized High School Sports coverage included: Professional Sports excluded