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USA Host Families

A Host Family is a special group of people who has made the caring and thoughtful commitment of welcoming an intl. student into their family and home for a cultural and educational opportunity. Host families have proven to be the best teachers in demonstrating the American culture and language to the international students while they reside in the U.S. The relationship formed between the intl. student and the host family will endure for life.

Since the USA Program’s host family is the primary influence on the life of the USA intl. student through his/her stay in the U.S., what better influence than that of a Christian family who can demonstrate love, share their values and beliefs, and positively impact a young life forever!

The host family must undergo a thorough background check and live in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. The host family is provided with a monthly stipend (the natural parents' responsibility) to help cover their expenses while hosting the USA Program Intl. Student. These expenses include, but are not limited to: gas, groceries, electricity, water, transportation, and etc.

The USA Program's Host Families are:

  • Of various ages, backgrounds, and sizes, with or without teenagers
  • Warm, welcoming and open-minded
  • Proud to share their American lifestyle and language
  • Interested in learning about other cultures
  • Willing to include the student in their family and community
  • Reside within the continental United States of America
  • Of all race, color, creed, background
  • Have an income sufficient to afford a comfortable standard of living and nurturing home environment

Of all the relationships that the intl. student will form in the United States, the relationship with the host family is usually the closest. The American host families are interested in other cultures and want to provide the intl. student with the opportunity to share their lives and interests. All intl. students should treat the USA Program's host families with respect, honesty, sincerity, and love as they do their natural families. The rewards will be plentiful, memorable, and positive.