Stepping Into the Future!

USA International Students

As our logo states, USA Program is "Stepping into the Future" with all who participate in our program. By granting our intl. students great opportunities, we are proud to serve as a stepping-stone for each of their futures. We intend to help build brighter, more fulfilled futures for all intl. students who participate in the USA Program.

USA Program accepts international students from all over the world. We currently have thirty-seven Home Country Representatives overseas screening prospective intl. students who are interested in participating in the USA Program in the United States of America. We sponsor students from South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

All international students wishing to participate in the USA Program must meet all of our requirements, which are as follows:

  • Be between the ages of 12-18 years old;
  • Mature and responsible according to their age levels;
  • Be willing to learn about the American culture;
  • Demonstrate a sincere desire to participate with an American host family.
  • Be attending school in their home countries, and possess good study habits.
  • Posses Basic English level for in order to function in classes and the host home (good communication skills)
  • Pass USA Program Testing & selection process

Intl. Students responsibilities:

  • Expressing a sincere desire and willingness to learn about the American culture and to become a member of your host family.
  • Participate in classes working diligently to maintain good grades in school.
  • Mail to the USA office all progress reports, report cards, and monthly evaluation reports.
  • Representing themselves, their country, their parents and the USA program in a positive mature manner with adequate self-discipline at all times.