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USA Program Orientations

USA Program places a great emphasis on and strongly believes in the orientation, preparation, and ongoing support for our intl. students/natural parents. The fundamental objectives of the preparation and orientation meetings are to promote cultural learning and to reduce, or prevent, culture shock. USA Program conducts three types of orientations for our intl. students:

  1. Pre-Departure Orientation
    The pre-departure orientation meetings are conducted by USA Program Home Country Representative, in the intl. student's natural language and are primarily based on USA Program "Student Handbook".

    The main objectives of the pre-departure orientation meetings are to:

    • Explain the cultural and educational program and its purpose.
    • Enable the intl. student to become fully aware of the nature of cultures and cultural differences.
    • Inform the intl. students about the American lifestyle and customs.
    • Increase the intl. students' understanding of the range of differences between cultures.
    • Help improve the intl. students’ skills at correctly identifying the predominant values and customs of their home countries.
    • Describe host family house rules with the intl. students.
    • Discuss travel arrangements to the United States, and where and how they will enter the United States (airfare/tickets, port of entry/customs).
    • Give important contact information for the USA Program main office (Texas) in the United States including the names of Directors, address, and toll-free telephone numbers.
    • Inform the intl. students of emergency assistance procedures with regard to insurance, family emergencies, and important contact telephone numbers.
    • Explain insurance policy and coverage that is provided by USA Program (US$ 100.00 co-pay, items not covered such as dental, eye care, immunizations, physicals, and pre-existing conditions).
    • Discuss other costs for which the intl. student will be responsible while residing in the United States (own spending money, lunches at school, books, uniforms, social outings, travel, etc.).
    • Explain the participation fees and refund policy for the USA Program.
    • Explain and review all USA Program rules that intl. students are required to follow, as well as the consequences of breaking these rules. Both intl. students and natural parents must be thoroughly familiar with and agree to abide by all USA Program rules.

    The topics discussed in USA Program "Student Handbook" are organized in a specific chronological order so as to progressively reflect the different phases that the intl. student will experience before departure to the United States. Natural parents and intl. students must read the "Student Handbook" carefully prior to the orientation meetings.

    The natural parents of all intl. students are required to attend at least one of the orientation meetings conducted by the Home Country Representative. The support of the natural parents is important to the success of the intl. student’s experience. The natural parents should be aware of all aspects of the USA Program that their children will encounter and be responsible for.

    Also, the USA Program designed the "Packing list" handbook for the intl. students. The Student Handbook Packing List will guide the intl. students in preparation for travel to the United States. They will become aware of items to pack, including prescribed medications, second pair of eye glasses, a bi-lingual dictionary, versatile clothing, addresses of friends and relatives, and any other important personal items.

  2. Arrival Orientation in Texas (Weeklong)
    Once the intl. students have arrived in the United States, they will participate in a mandatory weeklong preparatory/orientation course in Texas. The USA Program Directors and Staff will greet the intl. students at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. They will be transported to a local hotel where they will lodge for the weeklong duration of this course. The USA Program will provide to the intl. students: a daily breakfast, lunch, & dinner, transportation, cultural orientation & educational preparation, all classroom materials, and an English course.
  3. Departure Orientation
    Upon completion of the USA Program in the United States, the intl. students will receive the "Departure Guide", which will prepare them for the return to their home countries.

    This guide will direct the intl. students on the following topics:

    • Excursions with family
    • Transcripts of grades
    • Pre-Departure Preparation
      • Return Luggage
      • Saying Good-bye
      • Travel schedule/Airport taxes/luggage fees
    • Home Country Arrival/Customs
    • Welcome Home
      • Excitement
      • Readjustment