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Weeklong Orientation

The USA Program's Weeklong Orientation meeting is mandatory for all intl. students to participate as a group. The USA Program Directors and Staff will greet the intl. students at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport upon their arrival into Texas. They will be transported to a local hotel where they will lodge comfortably for the weeklong duration of this course. USA Program will provide a daily breakfast (at the hotel), lunch (buffet style), dinner, transportation, orientation/preparation course, all classroom materials, and guided tours to the intl. students

The primary objectives of this weeklong meeting in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas are to:

  • Provide the intl. students with an opportunity to become personally acquainted with the USA Program Staff/Directors who are ultimately responsible for them during their stay in the United States. This establishment of personal rapport will help the intl. students feel more comfortable and at ease.
  • Provide the USA Program Staff/Directors with the opportunity to, in turn, become personally acquainted with the intl. students and observe their personalities and general behavior as they interact with them. This is a valuable opportunity for the USA Program to develop our personal involvement philosophy with the intl. students.
  • Give the USA Program Staff/Directors the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the pre-departure orientation meetings that were conducted by the Home Country Representatives.
  • Ensure that all intl. students possess the ability to converse efficiently in English.
  • Familiarize the intl. students with the American High School system and what will be expected of them therein.
  • Review the USA Program rules and regulations that all intl. students must follow, as well as the consequences that will result if any of these rules and regulations are violated.
  • Ensure that all intl. students possess the basic survival skills that are necessary to function effectively upon arrival to their host communities.

The weeklong orientation will provide the intl. students with enough time to cope with jet lag (a temporary disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, confusion, headache, nausea, irritability, dehydration and other symptoms as a result of air travel across time zone which is a disruption of the internal body clock). They will have time to rest and adjust to the new time zone and to "break the ice" regarding being in a new country (nervousness, excitement, fears) prior to traveling to the host family home. They will be prepared and ready to begin their new journey.

The intl. students will lodge in a comfortable hotel (chain hotel) that is located close to the USA Program headquarters. The hotel accommodations will serve as the primary place (a temporary "home") where the intl. students (as a group) will function during their first week in America. The group of intl. students will remain together in order to facilitate the transition from their home country to the new journey that they will encounter ahead. They will face the separation from their natural parents to the opportunity to forge their own independence with help and support from other intl. students and USA Program supervision.

Their experience (personal growth) during the weeklong orientation meeting will be the foundation into establishing their futures in America and in life. The intl. students will participate in various scenarios which will guide, demonstrate, and teach them to initiate their survival skills without their natural parents'’ support to which they are accustomed.

The intl. students will receive all materials necessary for their classroom orientation/preparation meetings (manuals, booklets, dictionary, pen, calculator, notebook, etc.). The most important material that they will receive from the USA Program will be their understanding and perspective of the weeklong orientation/preparation instruction and how to successfully apply these important factors for their new journey. They will participate in several drills on how to understand and respect the new life and customs that they will face while residing in the United States. The intl. student's journey will begin after they have been equipped and prepared to make appropriate choices when faced with important decisions that will have lasting results.

USA Program will provide transportation (van/buses) to and from all locations that the intl. students will visit for the purpose of learning, observing, and gaining knowledge. We will provide daily tours throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex where the intl. students will learn first-hand about the American culture, people, and customs. The daily tours were designed for the intl. student to personally encounter and experience American history, culture, educational sites, and recreational locations. Tour guides will be with the intl. students to facilitate their direct involvement with American people, the English language, and the new way of life.

The intl. students will have a full continental breakfast at the hotel every morning. A daily lunch will be served at various types of restaurants (all-you-can-eat buffets), like Italian, Chinese, and American cuisine. Dinner will be at typical American fast food chain restaurants, like McDonalds, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.